Jobs on the Road For the Vagabonds

In order to sustain and maintain traveling accessories and equipment, the vagabond with a small or even non existing bank account, may sometimes find themselves stopping over to earn payment for services. The form and amount of payment may depend on the specific job, but as long as the vagabond can attain enough resources to continue trekking, any job will do.

Because of their non materialistic and efficient lifestyle, most vagabonds won’t usually need to find a source of income. But in times of hardship and when resources get scarce (like worn out shoes), money can always be obtained to provide for whatever a traveler may need. More elaborate vagabonds usually have higher traveling cost to maintain and provide fuel for RVs, trailers, wagons, campers, towing vehicles, and other expenses attached to motorised traveling. The vagabonds with larger wagons, typically travel in groups, some having family members sharing one RV, or a caravan of many RVs of other nomads, gypsies, wanderers, drifters, and tramps.

Opportunities for the Vagabond Below is a list of various fields of work that a traveler can look for, all depending on how long the traveler is willing to stay in one area, there is always work to be found anywhere your wheels or feet take you.

Seasonal jobs sites: Jobs are available everywhere you go. Farms (crop pickers, equipment operators, animals to tend), Amusement Parks (maintenance, sales, promotions, services), Cruise Ships (cooking, hosting, housekeeping, travel guide), Outdoorsman Camp (fishing, hunting, guides), Training Centers (teaching, organising), Construction Sites (skilled trades, labour), Tradeshows (sales, promotions, bartering, great place to sale stuff), Tourist Sites, Campgrounds (office work, reservations, sales, grounds maintenance, handy-person, housekeeping, running social activities), Property Owners (house sitting, gardening, pet sitting, landscaping), Tax Centers (having ability to do tax returns. Get trained and go to work remotely or at a local tax form preparation office.)

Skill-Specific Work: A skilled worker is any worker who has some special skill, knowledge, or (usually acquired) ability in his work. A skilled worker may have attended a college, university or technical school. Or, a skilled worker may have learned his skills on the job.  Skilled Labour (equipment operator, carpenter, mason, electrician, plumber, painter, etc.), Consulting (providing specialist advice to other people who work in the same field) Teaching, Personal Care, Property Management

Wagon based work: It is just like a home based job, however with today’s communication technology, a vagabond can work out of his RV. Some mobile communications gadgets are required, for example mobile phone and fax machine, laptop, portable printer and scanner, etc… Publishing, Sales, Marketing

Vagabond Jobs


Recreational Activities Worker: Plan, organize, and direct activities in local playgrounds and recreation areas, parks, community centers, religious organizations, camp sites, theme parks, and tourist attractions. Performers, Event Planners, Sports Coordinators, Fishermen and Hunters, etc…


Caretaker: Property Care for financial compensation, and sometimes in exchange for rent-free living accommodations. Ranch Sitters, Bed & Breakfast and Inn Sitters, Property Managers, Estate Managers, Hosts, Mechanics, Electricians, Cooks, Landscapers, Farmers and Gardeners, House Sitters, etc…


Caregiver: Someone with health care skills, who is employed to care for another person or pets, can look for jobs like. Pet Walkers, Teachers, Pet Groomers, Caterers, House Cleaners, Nurses, Hair Stylist, etc…

Mystery Shopper: Mystery shopping or Mystery Consumer is a tool used by market research companies to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks-such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way – and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences

Travel Guide/Agent: Provide travel related services for weary travelers such guides, tours, and travel arrangements. Travel agent, Host, Tour Guide, etc…

Publisher/Writer/Producer: Making information available for public view and getting paid for it can be a vagabond’s source of income. Using the internet to publish blogs, tips, articles, stories, even novels could be a rewarding way of getting money for the traveler, since there is no need to stop over.

Online Entrepreneur: Every day more and more entrepreneurs are building successful businesses using the internet. There is an abundance of opportunity online and depending on the venture; there is often less cost and risk involved when compared with traditional businesses.

Traditional Business: Small business can be operated out of an RV, such as selling a product or service in return for money or other means of compensation.

Paid Online Surveys: You can earn money just for sharing your opinion; it’s a fun and easy way to make some money help for some travel expenses. Sign up on the following websites to start some surveys that pay now.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part-Time Jobs With 401k Retirement Plans

With more and more of our generation’s college graduates joining the ranks of the service industry, there has never been a stronger need for employers to offer 401k retirement plans. A few pioneering corporations have answered the call and are beginning to offer great benefits.

Perhaps it would be helpful to those just entering the job market to explain exactly what 401k plans are. Having a 401k means employees can choose to put a certain percentage of their wages into an account before income tax applies and will not pay any taxes until they access the account after retirement. It’s essentially a tax break that helps people save money to support themselves when they eventually retire. Until now, it has been most closely associated with professional, full-time careers, rather than part-time and other jobs which do not require a college degree. Another important aspect of the arrangement is that employers often agree to match a certain amount of what employees choose to save, which can double the savings in best case scenarios.

The company that first comes to mind when thinking about service industry employers with 401k plans is Starbucks. In their system, benefits are available to what they call “benefits-eligible partners” (I.e. those who work more than 20 hours a week). The benefits include bonuses, health insurance, and discounted stock purchasing options. Their 401k options allow for a range of 25 to 125 per cent matching of employee contributions up to 4 per cent of total salary. That, in combination with the free pound of coffee to which Starbucks employees are entitled, likely makes for some very happy employees.

Whole Foods, another forward-thinking corporation, not only has a reputation for paying its customers more than competing grocers, but offers more than 30 options for 401k retirement plans. The fund, which is set up through Fidelity NetBenefits has over 4,500 participants and contains $379,087,293, according to Future Advisor. The average 401k balance for those who choose to participate is about $8,000.

For today’s workforce, it is definitely a good thing that more employers are participating in retirement funds. However, things aren’t perfect. One employer, Darden Restaurant, that already has a reputation for its terrible 401k plan, made headlines by making changes to the retirement plants to make them even worse. The company owns several nationwide high volume restaurant chains including Olive Garden, Long Horn Steakhouse, and Red Lobster, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they provide less than the most personal care to their employees. Only around 13 per cent of Darden employees participate in the unpopular program, and with stock prices falling, the options to invest retirement savings aren’t great.

For now, it seems the options vary from great plans like Starbucks offers to not-so-enticing offerings from Darden Restaurant. Only time will tell if the examples set by progressive employers will gain a majority following.

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Second Thoughts: What If You Change Jobs And Realize You’ve Made a Mistake?

The 4-6 weeks after switching jobs are when you will most likely think that you made a mistake.

Shortly after starting a new job, it isn’t out of the ordinary to start wondering if you made a mistake by leaving your previous employer and/or joining your new employer.

You might feel that the new company is not what you thought it would be, you might feel that your new job is not as it was described or it could be something else that leads you believe that changing jobs was not as smart a decision as you thought it was when you were signing the job offer.

You might forget why you were so happy to leave your old employer in the first place!

I’ve seen situations where a company was so eager to hire someone – especially situations where it’s a newly created job – that they don’t actually have much work for the person to do when they start.

I know one fellow whose new company didn’t have a desk for him when he joined his new employer.

They’d forgotten to figure out where he’d be sitting!

Certainly, it’s not a good situation when you start a new job and get the impression that the company didn’t even realize you were being hired.

The important thing is to remember why you left your old job. Before you start wishing you were still with your previous employer, think of the reasons why you chose to leave.

Then think about exactly what is making you feel your new job is not what you expected and try to figure out how you can improve you situation.

Before you talk to your manager and spill your guts, really think about how it could look if you tell him/her that things aren’t what you expected.

Often, it can take several months before you really get to experience everything that your new job and company has to offer.

If you have switched jobs recently, don’t give up on your new employer too quickly.

What you might consider doing is waiting for several days before acting on any hunch that you have to ensure that the feeling doesn’t pass. Perhaps you are just over analyzing the situation.

If the feeling persists, you might consider meeting with your manager for a few minutes but rather than complaining, ask your manager how he/she feels about your performance so far and what they have planned for you in the near future ie. what work will be you be doing next?

Basically, put the situation in their lap and ask for some initial feedback. Often you’ll find that they discuss things that might help to explain your feelings of regret and might help to shed light on why things have gone the way they’ve gone so far.

Your manager and/or the company in general might have things going on behind the scenes that you aren’t yet aware of that could help explain why your initial tenure with the company has been a disappointment.

This could be especially true if you were brought on board to fill a need that was pending and hasn’t quite come to fruition yet. Perhaps the work you were brought on board to do is imminent but the timing just hasn’t worked out exactly as initially planned.

What you don’t want to do is start pondering the idea of approaching your old employer and seeing if you can return. The natural reaction for some people is to think about the possibility of rejoining their old firm, perhaps where it was more comfortable and where things “suddenly don’t seem so bad afterall.”

Always remember to look forward not backwards when considering your career. Again, think about the reasons you started looking for a new job and ended up accepting it in the first place.

Chances are that your new position will amount to what you thought it would if you did your homework before accepting their offer. The first few months in your new job requires a lot of unheaval and change so just remember to give things enough time.

If that doesn’t help, think about this story. A friend of mine once quit his job after accepting a new position elsewhere and then took two weeks holiday out of the country before starting the new job.

When he walked into the new company on his first day in his new job, he was immediately told that the company had restructured while he was on holiday…and that his job had been eliminated!

He started and finished his new job on the same day.

Now, that’s something to have second thoughts about.

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10 Entry Level Jobs on Oil Rigs That Need No Experience

If you are willing to face a certain amount of physical danger to earn more money, you should look at no experience jobs on oil rigs. There are few places where someone without a college education can make $50,000 a year. In fact, jobs in the oil industry have some of the highest salaries in the world, easily comparable to the sin industries of tobacco and alcohol. Here is a short list of the work available on an offshore oil rig where you can get paid the big bucks to do honest, hard, sweaty labor.

1. Roustabouts

A roustabout provides general labor, doing almost everything on board the oil rig. He is the muscle, cleaning and painting the oil rig, and carrying, storing, setting up various pieces of equipment. On more complicated jobs, for example, when carrying out certain tasks on the drill floor, he will work under the supervision of the roughneck. If you play computer strategy games, the roustabout is basically guy who does all the basic work like the peon, peasant, drone, probe, SCV and what not. For all his sweat and hard work, he takes home $45,000 to $55,000 a year, better than many white collar jobs.

2. Steward

If you have ever worked in the hospitality industry, you will know all about this job. For those who are unfamiliar, the typical duties include helping out in the kitchen, doing the laundry and cleaning the accommodations. The only difference is that you will be working on board an offshore oil instead of a hotel or cruise ship. For facing the risk of the oil platform exploding, the salary goes up to $45,000 per year.

3. Rig Welder

A skilled welder in the dying manufacturing industry can easily make the transition to rig welder. Due to government regulations, rig welders need trade certification (CITB for the United Kingdom, AWS for the United States). For daring to work on top of the ocean instead of on dry land, the welder doubles his salary from $30,000 on dry land to $60,000 on the offshore platform.

4. Scaffolders

Like a scaffolder in the construction industry, a scaffolder on board an offshore oil rig works in high places. Some companies need their scaffolders to be certified, others do not. Even compared to other oil rig jobs, this is considered rather dangerous. That is why he is paid an extra $10,000 more than the roustabout.

5. Radio Operator

Obvious from the description. Easy and boring, but critical, which explains the $60,000 salary.

6. Medic

Again, no description needed. Most medics are ex-nurses. Salary is around $70,000.

7. Storeman

Same duties as a storeman on dry land, but gets a higher salary of $60,000.

8. Painter

If you painted tall apartment buildings for a living, you should think about switching over to an offshore oil platform. There is slightly more risk, but you also get a lot more pay. Salary: $58,000.

9. Motorman

Basically the junior mechanic, maintaining and repairing the machines. For an increased salary (compared to a normal mechanic on land) of $58,000, sometimes has to do repairs in high places while suspended from a crane.

10. Electrician

In charge of making sure all the electrical equipment works (even the light bulbs). Unlike a normal electrician, needs to have a head for heights – some of the work will be done while hanging from a crane. Salary: $65,000.

These are the 10 entry level jobs on oil rigs which do not need prior experience on an oil rig and do not need a college degree. The roustabouts and stewards do not need any kind of trade certification. The other positions may need a trade certification.

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Writing Jobs Online: The "Writing Sample" Fraud and How to Avoid It

There are many fraudulent schemes in the work-from-home, freelance writing niche. One of the most popular is what I call the “writing sample” scam. While it usually doesn’t cost you any money, what it does cost you is time – which is your greatest asset as a freelance writer.

You could wind up spending a whole bunch of time working for free. Following is what this scam is and how to avoid it.

How the Freelance “Writing Sample” Scam Works

The way this online writing jobs scheme works is, a company will place an ad seeking articles or some other type of content (eg, blog posts) on a certain topic. When you apply, they will ask you for a writing sample.

“Great,” you may be thinking, “I just wrote an article on this last week, I’ll send it in as my sample.”

But, they’ll get back to you saying that the article must be original and they want to “judge your writing ability and for you to adhere to their guidelines” or some other such jargon. They’ll usually promise that there will be ongoing work “if your writing sample is accepted.”

So you think, “Hmm, a chance for ongoing work. It’s only 300-400 words; I can knock it out in an hour or so.”

So you do and send it in. You’ll either never hear from them again, and/or if you do, they’ll tell you that your writing sample” didn’t pass their guidelines so they won’t be able to use you.

“Fine,” you think. It sucks that you spent the time writing the article, but you have a few other sources you can pitch it to and probably sell it.

One day while doing some mindless web surfing, you come across your article – on their site – verbatim. Only, it doesn’t have your name on it. They’ve stuck their name on it and are using it – and they haven’t paid you a dime!

If this happens to you, you’ve been scammed.

The reason behind these types of online writing jobs scams is simple – the company/person is getting original content without paying for it. You see, they probably have fed the same story to hundreds of freelance writers who fell for it. So, they’re getting hundreds of pieces of original content — for free.

Why This Online Writing Jobs Scam Is So Prevalent

The reason they do it is because content costs and they’re either too lazy or too stupid to produce it themselves. Many behind these types of scams are internet and affiliate marketers with hundreds of websites.

To pay someone to write original, informative content for their sites would run them thousands of dollars. So, they prey on unsuspecting web writers who are new to the industry to produce the content.

How to Avoid These Types of Online Writing Jobs Scams

It’s surprisingly simple. Don’t write original content for free. Legitimate businesses will pay you to write a sample if they’re considering using you. Most often though, they won’t even require it. The samples you already have will work just fine. So, remember this.

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Oil Rig Jobs – Working Aboard the Petronius Oil Platform

For a a few hardy, industrious men a 2,000 foot high metal behemoth of a rig in the Gulf of Mexico is home; well two weeks out of every four, that is. They work, sleep and relax aboard the Petronius oil platform, operated by Marathon Oil and the Chevron corporation.

The Petronius is one of the most mindboggling of all the giant oil platforms scattered across the oceans of the world. Named for the Roman writer it was the world’s tallest free standing structure until 2008 when it was suppassed by the Burj Dubai. The platform serves 14 different wells outputting millions of barrels of oil. At over 500 million dollars the Petronius is one of the most expensive offshore civil construction projects in the world

Working aboard the rig is one the most hazardous jobs there is. Oil rigs are usually dozens or hundreds of miles from land and bear the brunt of some of the harshest weather that mother nature unleashes. Rocked and rolled by waves, ripped at by gales and frozen by bitter cold – these are just some of the natural hazards an oil rig is subjected to. For the average rig worker the man-made dangers can be even more of a threat. Swinging cranes, the constant moving of heavy equipment, dangerous power tools which can rend a limb from a body in a second and being only a short drop from near certain death into an ocean seventy five metres below take more than a few lives each year.

So what attracts men to work far out at sea, living in cramped quarters of up to four to a room in one of the most hazardous jobs in the world? Well one thing is the money. On the Petronius salaries start at about $50k a year, which is a great starting salary for relatively unskilled work. Those with trade qualifications and skills, and those with several years of experience can command six figure salaries.

Another draw to oil rig jobs is the generous time off. Workers aboard the Petronius work a two weeks on, two weeks off schedule. This means that they typically work less than six months of the year and still earn a very competitive wage. While they are on board the Petronius the oil rig workers are also more than amply fed, noshing down on four hearty meals a day, all of which are included in their compensation package. Recreation facilities on the ‘floating town’ also include a gym and satellite TV to fill the few hours that the men are not hard at work. These oil rig jobs are tough, but they aren’t without their own rewards.

Even though this work is noisy, in a remote location and the work conditions are high risk, employment aboard the Petronius and other oil platforms still has a huge draw for a certain kind of man. Tough, resilient, hardworking and perhaps slightly thrilled by the threat of danger there is a constant stream of hardy men applying for these jobs. Although they work hard aboard the rig, most of them more than make up for it in their time off. If you have ever seen a rig worker on his frequent leave, you will know that they know how to ‘unwind’ in style.

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The Fundamental Importance Of Jobs In Society

Being in employment is critical to living a good life. To many people, this may seem a rather fundamental, if not basic, statement. However, whilst the financial aspect of having a job is important, things are a good deal more important than this. Indeed, jobs play an integral role in the mental and physical health of a society.

Being out of employment for an extended period of time is incredibly damaging to the health of a person; being responsible for the development of many medical conditions. Stress and depression are commonly associated with the unemployed of course, but things go a good deal further than this.

An integral part to being a worthy and valued member of society is to possess good social skills. Whilst these are essentially developed throughout early childhood, maintaining them is necessary; as it is with any other part of the human makeup. As such, being away from interaction with other people for a protracted period of time severely diminishes the social abilities of a person.

The result of this is that people lose touch with what is going on in the world; lose touch with their friends and family members, and do not converse with strangers on a daily basis. The effects of this are far ranging; allowing for people to become more withdrawn from society and as a result, less likely to perform well at interview, thus creating an ever worsening vicious circle.

Those that develop such mental problems are also more likely to go on to develop physical problems. Often, these are as a result of a diminishing in their hygiene standards, which causes weaknesses in the immune system and the development of viruses and infections. That these people are less likely to consult a doctor too, compounds the issue.

Whilst those people having jobs are likely to be healthier then, things are not plain sailing. Indeed, for those people who are working in a position that they passionately do not enjoy, their mental health will likewise be negatively affected. In some cases, the effects could be worse than not having a job at all.

Understanding what makes for good jobs as opposed to bad jobs is, in a great many ways, a very personal preference however. At least for those in work, they are in a better position to look for something better than they already have. Those not in work, may have to accept a job offer which is not really for them of course which, over time, could only serve to make their mental and health situation even worse.

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How Working From Home Jobs Can Be Financially Beneficial In The Long Run

Managing our foreseeable future is a thing that we all like to do. Frequently this isn’t likely if we place those choices in other individuals’ control. One of the ways individuals are beginning to manage their career is reputable working from home jobs. These jobs might be different from what you might be familiar with, but could supply a beneficial livelihood. The following are a few of the most popular working from home jobs which may interest you and your colleagues.

When considering the Internet and work opportunities variety is just what you will come across. Increasingly more businesses are hunting for home workers therefore the demand has likewise increased for those who will work at home. Undoubtedly data entry is among the tasks that you could come across. To begin these jobs you require a computer plus an Internet connection. Many of these tasks are simple to carry out as the businesses inform you the way they would like things done.

Of the many reputable working from home work opportunities, writing is among the least difficult for any individual to get into. Organizations and people require freelance writers for copywriters, articles and eBooks constantly. An excellent writer is going to be in extremely high demand and also compensated exceptionally well. If you are able to write you will prosper on the internet.

Proofreading is one more online task which is likewise very popular nowadays. With individuals and companies having a shorter period to review press releases and articles a proofreader is employed. These proofreaders are typically sourced from home workers as companies do not wish to employ them in-house. If you are a great proofreader you can be very busy with work.

The Virtual Assistant is one other job that is expanding quickly. Businesses during the last number of years have been outsourcing to the virtual assistant. These jobs may be as basic as customer care calls to product sales presentation. Frequently it depends on what the organization that is employing you requires.

Another authentic working from home job which is also developing is Internet Marketing. This task may be as basic as marketing merchandise to starting up your own online businesses. The extent of what you carry out with this career is dependent upon who you are working for and what they need from you.

The Online World has altered the way in which we carry out a lot of things and today it offers lots of reputable jobs for many individuals. The secret is to check around and research each and every job on offer meticulously. Many will pay a lot more than others as more work might be needed for several jobs. The greatest key is to take your time prior to making a choice.

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Game Design Jobs for Felons – Tips To Getting Hired As A Felon Game Designer

Game design jobs for felons could be a good career choice for you. This article will talk about jobs for convicted felons in game design and describe what you will need to do to get a job in this industry. Skills seem to be what sets those apart who get hired for game design felon jobs, not your background.

What is game testing and design? Almost all of us have played computer or video games so it’s not too difficult to explain it. Simply put, game programming and design is the creation and development of gaming software.

So are there about jobs for convicted felons in Game Design? Yes, of course!

The gaming industry is one of today’s fastest-growing industries in the U.S. From 2005-2008, the U.S. economy as a whole grew by 1.4 percent while the gaming industry grew by an amazing 16.7 percent during the same period, according to the Entertainment Software Association. In fact, gaming is expected to become a $58 billion business by 2012.

Around 120,000 people are employed by the gaming industry which means that there are plenty of game testing jobs for convicted felons. This industry is one where people are more concerned about what you can do now than what you have been doing in the past.

Video design professionals are paid very well. The average annual compensation per gaming industry employee was $89,781 in 2009 and this figure is not expected to decrease any time soon.

Video design jobs for felons are suitable for those who are very creative and imaginative. You should be detail-oriented and disciplined. A passion for gaming is also a good quality for a game tester.

The first thing you will need to start a career in game testing is a high school diploma. Then you will need to learn about digital game design by getting a certificate or degree in video design. Core courses in a gaming program include animation, gaming technology, video design process and level design.

Once you graduate, you can get an entry-level job in a game design or entertainment company. These video design jobs for felons will involve tasks such as working with a team to design, develop, test and produce games, or create animations and 3D scenes.

Developing games or multi-media entertainment requires different types of game design professionals such as testers, programmers, concept artists, animators, sound technicians, modelers, music composers, level designers, story writers, producers, directors, etc.

The first few months in a video design company is mostly spent learning the ropes. Typically, the first job of a video design graduate will be an internship or a job as a tester. Game testers play a specific part of the game over and over to try to spot and document any flaws or bugs in the game programs or graphics.

In conclusion, game design is a good career choice for ex-felons who are interested in video games and are creative, artistic and imaginative. To get a job in the gaming industry, you can study game design and then apply for a job in one of the top a game design or entertainment companies. There are many game design jobs for felons available because the industry is experiencing very rapid growth.

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Blogging Jobs – Generate Extra Cash Through Blogging

Blogging jobs sprout like mushrooms as the blogging phenomenon becomes a mainstream hype and had already built a strong audience. A blog is like an online diary where people put in ideas either for mere pleasure or business with the use of pre-designed templates and a simple navigational structure.

Blogs can help you generate income in a relatively easy way that is why a lot of people are rooting for it as an additional source of income, while others even make it as their full-time career. However, before you can even think of the prospect of generating cash online, you need first to create a carefully planned blog that you think you will excel. Of course, it is important that your main subject should be in the line of your interests so that it will be easier for you to create posts when you finally found a job.

The best way for you to find blogging jobs is by going to a particular website that does not have a blog site yet and tell them your proposal of creating a blog to promote their company. However, this can be very intimidating since you still have to prove your worth to these companies. An easier way to find blogging jobs is to use the different outsourcing sites that you can find online. In order for you to be placed on a certain job, you have to bid on the projects that you think you can provide a great service. It is necessary that you sell yourself to these sites but you should do it at the right price. Mention every now and then your availability so that the companies will have an idea as to when they can hire your services.

You can have as many blogging jobs as you like but it all depends on your skills and time management because blogging is relatively simple to do if you have the passion for writing.

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